Below is a list of math contests available for elementary students. You don’t have to participate to benefit from the resources provided. Each site has many problems appropriate for enrichment opportunities for students.

Elementary Mathematics Contests
Nominations for the 2012 SMT Center Awards
Each year, the North Carolina Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education Center offers awards that recognize individuals and organizations whose extraordinary contributions to science, mathematics, and technology education in North Carolina are helping to advance education in NC. Categories include K-8 teacher, 9-16 teacher, informal educator, administrator, student leadership as well as awards that recognize businesses and organizations that support STEM education. Educator and student award recipients receive $1,000. Recipients of the awards are honored in the spring at the Celebration of Science, Mathematics, and Technology. View for more information and to see videos of last year's winners. Deadline to nominate is December 1.

Noetic Learning Math Contest (Grade 2-5)
Registration Deadline: October 3, 2011
Noetic Learning Math Contest is a biannual problem-solving contest for elementary students. The goal of the math contest is to develop young students' problem-solving skills and foster their love and ambition for math.
Each test consists of 20 problem-solving questions. The problems that you’ll find in the contest are grade-appropriate. No problems require special math concepts beyond what's learned at school. However, many problems do require advanced problem-solving skills.
Over 6,000 elementary students from the nation participated in our contest last spring. Our next contest will be held October 13, 2011. We’d like to invite your students to join us!
Bring the thrill of a math contest to your school and give your students an opportunity to shine and show off!
You may find more information about the contest in the following brochure and our web site.