Unit 5: Make a Shape, Build a Block

-Here is an easy way to make the Kind.shapesposters.doc print the attached file, then send it through your poster-making machine. Laminate to use for future years!
-Here is a template so you can QUICKLY make the "Fill the Hexagons" dice fillthehexagonsdicetemplate.rtf Just print the page on a sheet of file-folder labels, cut apart, and stick onto dice.

Investigation 1 Describing and Making 2-D Shapes

*Below you will find great videos to jump start your kids on their geometry unit!
Geometry-2D shapes song
Geometry-3D shapes song
Math Monsters-Geometry overview
Enjoy! Mandy Cecile Kindergarten Teacher Ballantyne Elementary School

Great Game that is easy to make and fun to play!
Title: Oh No! Shapes
Materials: Notecards, Bag (paper or plastic, something so you can't see thru), objects (2-D and 3-D)
Gather objects that are 2-D and 3-D and place them in the bag. You will want multiple objects of the same kind (2 or 3 spheres, cubes, squares, etc...). You can use the manipulatives and other real world objects (dice, balls, dry erase board eraser, etc...) On the notecards, you will draw pictures of different 2-D and 3-D shapes (so they match what's in your bag). On a couple of cards, you can write the word "Oh No!".
How to play:
One student turns over a notecard, then they say what is on the notecard. The student will reach into the bag and without looking they will feel around for the shape that was on the notecard. If they pull out the correct shape that matches the notecard, then they get to keep that shape. Now it's the next students turn. If the student pulls out the wrong shape, the shape is put back into the bag. If a student pulls a notecard that says "Oh No!", then they have to put all their objects back into the bag.
*When the student turns over the notecard, I will have the student tell me what the shape is, and then I will ask them what they know about it (is it flat? how many sides? etc...). It seems to help them think about what they should be looking for in the bag, and it's a great way to incorporate vocabulary.
Bartholomew Hollowell Kindergarten Teacher Long Creek Elementary

Investigation 2 Making and Combining 2-D Shapes

Investigation 3 Describing, Making and Combining 3-D Shapes *

Ongoing Assessments for Unit 5