Investigation 1 Measuring and Counting

Here are some great videos about mesuring! My kids loved it!
Math Monsters: Area
Math Monsters: Standard and Non-Standard Measurement

A fun game to get students moving and thinking about measuring!
Title: Measuring with my feet!
Packing or Painters Tape, pen or marker, Recording Sheet.txt
How to play:
Put an even number of strips of tape on the floor around the room. Write a letter on each strip. Have the students find 2 matching letters. They will start at one letter (A) and then count how many steps it takes to get to the other letter (A). They will then record their answer. Students can work individually or in pairs.
Initally you will have to talk with students about how they think they could measure. This usually opens the door to a great discussions about how to measure from one piece of tape to another. Once the class decides on a method (or maybe each student will pick how they want to do it), I show the student how to use the recording sheet.
Bartholomew Hollowell, Kindergarten Teacher, Long Creek Elementary

Investigation 2 Counting Some,Counting More

Investigation 3 Changing Quantities: How Many Now?

Investigation 4 Ways to Make Numbers

Ongoing Assessments for Unit 4