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CMS Kathy Richardson AMC Tracker.xlsx
Thank you for your willingness to work on this. I have created a “start” to a tracker. I would love for you to make changes and share with the group. What I did:

  • assigned a point value to each of the indicators of the K. Richardson counting assessment tasks (assessment 1 only).
  • thought about what we should expect students to be able to do by the end of the first trimester(November)
  • determined a formula that would arrive when I input a student’s points determined by what they scored on the assessment.
  • Instructed the percentage column to populate a red, yellow, or green color based on the students score in relationship to the benchmark for the trimester
  • Organized the data into a scatter plot that identifies each student in the data set by number in relationship to the benchmark bar

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Math Perspectives is working with the Department of Public Instruction in North Carolina on an assessment project for thirteen schools. We have set up a special place on our website for these schools. This site includes newsletters and a power point to help provide teachers with the information they need as the use Assessing Math Concepts to guide their instruction. You can view this site at The newsletter posted is one sent to all teachers via email. It will remain on the site for future reference. Another newsletter will be sent and posted soon.

When this shows up after an assessment is given. Do I go back to another assessment or go back to part 1 of the assessment if part 2 was given first? Ex: I assessed using assessment part 1 of assessment 9, do I then go back to assessment 8 or part 1 or assessment 9?

Students with an indicator of "N" show little or no understanding of tens and ones. They are still thinking of numbers as a collection of ones instead of as groups of tens and leftover ones.
When a student "needs prerequisite" when solving a problem, how they use the model is not as important as what they need to learn about tens and ones and parts of numbers. Focus on how they solved the problem rather than on how they used the model.

If a student gets an N on any assessment, it means they need a prerequisite because they show no understanding of the concepts in that assessment. In the case of Two Digit, it is appropriate to go back to Grouping Tens to see if there is any understanding of tens and ones.