4th Grade Geometry and Measurement

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Please note, previously, the Stations for Lesson 13 were incorrectly labeled as "Lesson 9".
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The Rectangles in the Measurement/Geometry Unit: 4th Grade Rectangles Area and Perimeter.pdf

Online Resources:
FOURTH GRADE GEOMETRY websites.docx Thank you to CarieAnn Pulvers from JH Gunn for sharing this list of websites!
area explorer- http://www.shodor.org/interactivate/activities/AreaExplorer/
perimeter explorer- http://www.shodor.org/interactivate/activities/PerimeterExplorer/

The Tiling and Fencing Unit can be accessed by clicking 4th Grade - Tiling & Fencing (Area & Perimeter).pdf

Math contacts/facilitators-

See tasks below written by Drew Polly for4th grade teachers in the area. They are probably relevant for 5th grade teachers as well. Tasks are 2 part and focused on area/perimeter, multiplication/division.
Calculator active- focus on problem solving and area/perimeter concepts and let the calculator support students' multiplication work.
Calculator inactive- focus on problem solving and multiplication/division.

Exploring Area and Perimeter
1) You have a square toy box with a perimeter of 64 feet. What is the area?

a. Extension: If you double the length of each side what happens to the perimeter? What happens to the area?

2) You want to build a fence for your dog. If you have 60 feet of fencing material. What are three possible dimensions of the rectangle? Which of those dimensions gives you the largest area?

a. Extension: If you want to build the fence next to your house so you only need fencing for 3 sides what is dimensions give you the largest area?

3) The parking lot in your apartment complex is 44 feet long and 87 feet wide. If the managers double the short side what is the area of the parking lot?

a. Extension: The apartment complex next store has a parking lot that is 92 feet wide and 86 feet long. Before calculating, which is larger? How do you know? Calculate your answer. Were you correct?

4) The grocery store shelves are 6 feet wide and19 feet long. If there are 12 shelves in the aisle what is the total area of the shelves In that aisle?

a. Extension: If you are using the shelves to hold cereal boxes that are 6 inches wide and 12 inches long how many cereal boxes can you fit onto all of the shelves?

5) A soccer field is rectangular. A field in west Charlotte has an area of 6,596 square yards and a width of 68 yards. What is the length of the longer side?
a. Extension: A field in north Charlotte has the same length, but is 10 yards wider. What is the area of the field in north Charlotte.