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Pebble Math-
This is currently out of print. TD teachers have asked that we post it for use.
pebble sets-005.pdf
pebble sets-004.pdf
pebble sets-003.pdf
pebble sets-002.pdf
pebble sets-001.pdf
pebble sets.pdf

Here is a SMART board file if you want to model Pebble math with the kids!
The smiley faces can be your pebbles!

Thank you Amanda Walley for sending us this great website!

Rubrics & More: Dr. Drew Polly (UNCC) has also started a wiki site with several counties in NC implementing Investigations. He has created rubrics with point values attached to assist with grading. Drew has created specific links to articles that can be found on the Investigations home page (the second link on this page). There are also links to online virtual manipulatives.

TERC / Investigations Home Page: Visit the authors of the program and the many resources they have to support your work. There are a TON of great articles as well as the "Ask A Teacher" forum.

Prince William County is one of several districts that implemented a few years ago. Their elementary site has a ton of resources and support documents.

DPI Math Resources:
testing links

Good Math Websites (Post any great sites, even if they aren't Investigations related.)

Resources from other Districts:
Description: Daily Math Plans and other teacher resources
Description:Resources for teachers, parent education and addressing concerns about Investigations