DPI Unpacking for 1st Grade

Investigations Units


Unit 1: How Many of Each?
Addition, Subtraction, and the Number System - 25 lessons, 27 days
Investigation 1: Counting and Quantity-4 Lessons
Investigation 2: Counting and Comparing -7 Lessons
Investigation 3: Combining – 7 Lessons
Investigation 4: Composing Numbers -7 Lessons

OA.1, 2, 3,
OA. 5, 6, 7, 8

Unit 2 and Unit 9: Making Shapes, Blocks and Boxes
2-D and 3D Geometry - 14 lessons, 14 days
Unit 2: Investigation 1:Composing and Decomposing 2-D Shapes -7 Lessons
Unit 2: Investigation 2: Describing and Sorting Shapes -5 Lessons
Unit 2:Investigation 3: Quilts – Spend one day on Lesson 3.1
Unit 9: Only Lesson 1.2


Unit 3: Solving Story Problems
Addition, Subtraction, and the Number System - 25 lessons, 28 days
Investigation 1: Combinations -9 Lessons
Investigation 2: Introducing Subtraction -3 Lessons
Investigation 3: Working with Addition and Subtraction – 5 Lessons
Investigation 4: Counting Larger Amounts -8 Lessons

OA. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
NBT. 2a

Ten Frames and CGI – CMS/DPI unit 5 lessons, 5 days
Use the first 2 lessons from the DPI Unit. These lessons should
be done throughout the 5 days- using activities from each lesson
in a workshop format. Students need many opportunities to build
this understanding of ten and some more (1.NBT.2).

DPI Unit

NBT. 2a, b, c,
NBT. 3

Unit 4: What Would You Rather Be?
Data Analysis - 13 lessons, 13 days
Investigation 1: Sorting-4 Lessons
Investigation 2: Collecting and Representing Data -5 Lessons
Investigation 3: Comparing Age Data – 4 Lessons

MD. 4

Unit 5: Fish Lengths and Animal Jumps
Measurement 11 lessons, 13 days
Investigation 1: Learning to Measure -6 Lessons
Investigation 2: Measuring Distances -5 Lessons
Partitioning Circles and Squares: click herefor lessons!


Unit 6: Number Games and Crayon Puzzles
Addition, Subtraction, and the Number System 20 lessons, 23 days
Investigation 1: Combinations of Ten - 7 Lessons
Investigation 2:Combinations of Numbers -5 Lessons
Investigation 3: Addition and Subtraction – 8 Lessons

OA.3, 5, 6
OA. 1, 4
OA. 7, 2, 8

Unit 7: Color, Shape, and Number Patterns
Patterns and Functions
13 lessons, 15 days
Investigation 1: Repeating Patterns – 6 Lessons
Investigation 2: Number Sentences – 7 Lessons

NBT. 2a, b, c,
NBT. 3, 4, 5

Unit 8: Twos, Fives, and Tens
Addition, Subtraction, and the Number System (18 lessons, 19 days)

OA. 5

May 21– June 41st Grade DPI/CMS Extension: 11 lessons, 11 days. Click here for details!

NBT.2 a, b, c
OA. 5, 6, 7, 8
OA 3

WOW- Games organized by Common Core standard!

This site provides an extensive collection of free resources, math games, and hands-on math activities aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.
Patricia Page- MGLA

1st Grade Common Core changes at a glance: glance-1st.pdf

1st Grade Games

1st Gr. U4 Guess My Rule.pdf
1st Gr. U6 Three Towers of 10.pdf
1st Gr. U6 Three Towers of 10.pdf
1st Gr. U6 Tens Go Fish.pdf
1st Gr. U6 Make 10.pdf
1st Gr. U6 Five-In-A-Row with Three Cards.pdf
1st Gr. U7 Make a Train.pdf
1st Gr. U8 Ten Plus.pdf
1st Gr. U8 Roll Tens.pdf
1st Gr. U8 Ten Turns.pdf
1st Gr. U8 Ten Turns.pdf

Extension Projects for 1st Grade Math Investigations:

We are currently working on posting extensions and interventions. If you have ideas for ways to extend the work in a unit, please feel free to email me :) amy.lehew@cms.k12.nc.us

‍This file: 1st Grade Investigations Extension Projects.pdf contains project ideas from the Minneapolis Public School District.

General 1st Grade Resources:
Story Problem Routine: 1stGradeStory Problem Routine.rtf

Investigations K-2 Literature List

Progression for choosing numbers for tasks

Found this and thought I would share:) http://www.amathsdictionaryforkids.com/dictionary.html
Liza Short, First Grade Teacher, Cornelius Elementary

Weather charts by Caroline Anderson, grade 1, Cornelius Elementary.
Calendar- Weather chart, August.doc
Calendar- Weather chart, September.doc
Calendar- Weather chart, October.doc
Calendar- Weather chart, November.doc
Calendar- Weather chart, December.doc
Calendar- Weather chart, January.doc
Daily weather.notebook - Contains months August - June; also contains a chart for each type of weather. - created by Toni Cipolla at Long Creek Elementary

End Of Unit Rubrics

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