ABC's of GEOMETRY: Emily Kendig, from Paw Creek Elementary, suggested having students create an "ABC Book of Geometry" as they proceed through the unit. She writes, "I think it would be a great challenge to have kids create their own lists, but the attached list can be used if they get stuck!. Illustrations, sentences, and diagrams would make the vocabulary more meaningful!"

Walk-n-Trade: Make a set of vocabulary cards by writing one geometry term each notecard. You will need one card for each student. I often make 2-3 copies of the words students are having the hardest time remembering. Give each student a post-it and a notecard. Have them draw a representation of the word on a post-it, then attach it to the card (like this): geometryvocabpicture.jpg
Once all students have done this, I have them walk around the room and trade cards. Before they trade cards with someone, they must say the word on the notecard in their hands. At first, some students may try to hold-onto the notecard they started with, but soon they realize the idea is to trade cards as they walk. This activity involves many learning modalities (movement, visual, auditory) and gives students a variety of representations of the same word!