Corrected 5th Geometry Jeopardy Review 5.5.2011.notebook (Smart Board)

Similar 5th Grade Geometry Jeopardy ppt..lnk- in "view show" mode
- click the question you want to answer (If you want Polygons for 300) you would click $300 in the polygons column
- -after you answer the question, click anywhere on the page for the answer
- then click the "home" icon to go back to the main board and choose another question J

Interactive Smart Board activities using CMS Geometry Unit Shape Cards, Polygon Sort
and Triangles in this file 5th CMS Geometry Unit Shape Cards, Polygon Sort,Triangles, Activities.notebook

Polygon Capture Cards- revised! This set of cards is similar to the one in your notebook, only it has more cards andthey are all the same size :) It also includes cards for diagonals. You may want to use the diagonals cards separately

Part 1 of the CMS Geometry Unit this file includes worksheets and warm-ups. Please see the the file above for Shape Cards,
Polygon Sort, and other games connected to the Unit. 5th Smart Board Part 1.notebook

Part 2 of the CMS Geometry Unit 5th Smart Board Part 2.notebook

Part 3 of the CMS Geometry Unit 5th Grade Part 3.notebook

Downloaded SmartNotebook lessons for Part 3 from
Interior Angles.notebook
621-22959-Exploring Quadrilaterals.notebook
Classifying Quadrilaterals.notebook

Part 4 of the CMS Geometry Unit 5th Grade Geometry Part 4.notebook

5th Grade Geometry Jeopardy!

5th Geometry Jeopardy Review.notebook
This is a geometry Jeopardy Smartboard activity I've used to review geometry concepts. Click on an amount and you will be directed to a question. Click the ? in the corner of the slide to go tothe answer/explanation. To get back to the mainpage, just click the blue box.
Geometry Jeopardy student tracking sheet.doc is for students to use when they are participating in Geometry Jeopardy