Thanks to Kathy Williamson for creating this 4th grade jeopardy review:
This is the 4th review I made----the last column is just for fun---geometry jokes

Unit Specific Resources

UNIT 2 Describing the Shape of Data
Unit 4 Geometry and Measurement: CMS Unit
Proportions: CMS Unit

Additional 4th Grade Resources

The following are Extension Projects created by the 4th Grade MSP 2010 Participants:
MSP Extention project NCSCOS 1.01d 1.04 and 1.05.rtf
MSP Extention project - NCSCOS 1.04 a,b,c.rtf
MSP Extention project - NCSCOS Goal 4.rtf
MSP Extention project - NCSCOS 5.01a and 1.03.rtf
MSP Extention project - NCSCOS 4.01.rtf
Literacy Connection Lessons created by the 4th grade MSP 2010 Participants:
Lit connection - NCSCOS 1.02b a remainder of one.rtf
Lit connection - NCSCOS 1.02 and 1.04 the best of times.rtf
Lit connection - NCSCOS Goal 1Hottest Coldest Highest Deepest.rtf
Lit connection - NCSCOS 1.03 Fraction Fun.rtf
Lit connection - NCSCOS 1.03 Fraction action.rtf
Lit connection - NCSCOS 1.03 the doorbell rang.rtf

Vocabulary 4th grade.docx Great compilation of vocabulary words by standard. Thank you to Kim Smith from Allenbrook for sharing!

Investigations Unit Vocabulary:

Fourth Grade Games By Unit:

U1 Multiple Turn Over.pdf
U1 Factor Pairs.pdf

U3 Small Array Big Array.pdf
U3 Missing Factors.pdf

U5 Close to 1000.pdf
U5 Changing Places.pdf

U6 Capture Fractions.pdf
U6 Decimal Compare.pdf
U6 Fill Two.pdf

U8 Factor Bingo.pdf

End of Unit Rubrics
4th Grade
All units

Unit Guides

These Unit Guides have been written by TERC to support professional development with Investigations. All of the materials needed to complete each session are included in the Investigations materials. Due to copyright restrictions these documents are password protected. (password is msp)

General 4th Grade Resources .
Thank you to Camille Bourgeugnon and Debi Mulero-Sosa for creating these!~
Literature Lists* for 3rd - 5th Grades

Investigations Vocabulary

Great Resource To Use With TD Students (aligned with MN standards)

*Algebra Unit- brainstorm ideas for things to use other than plants.

Shauna Jendro was nice enough to share strategies that her 4th graders generated for a multiplication problem. She copied them onto chart paper so we could see them better.


Rose Hill made a great thousands chart that she keeps posted in her classroom for students to reference. Check out the photos & copy the idea!
Whole Chart Close-Up view